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24 Hours in Boulder

This week begins with a whirlwind tour of Colorado. That is, a few specific areas including Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver. The new job I started in December may require me to move to a location closer to their offices, none of which are located in Washington. So, as part of the job offer, I was promised a trip or two to scope out the potential areas I might be relocating to.

When I heard that my new company had an office located in Boulder, CO, I knew that I had to check out this mountain town with the eyes of a perspective resident. Hitting the ground running, I made the most of my 24 visit by walking around the city, scoping out the neighborhoods, and making a few stops to check out the hiking trails and the ski patrol scene at Eldora.

The legendary Sink Restaurant & Bar with its life changing macaroni and cheese!

Using the last moments of daylight to scramble around at Lost Gulch Overlook and see what this mountain town is all about.

While the new company has plenty of preferred accommodations in the heart of Boulder, I spent some time looking past the fancy big name hotels and found this little gem in the outskirts of Boulder. Described as an “updated 50s nature retreat”, Foot of the Mountain Motel was the perfect place to stay with easy access to town, the mountains, and some awesome local characters who talked my ear off in the breakfast room.

Driving around the business district and the outlying neighborhoods in the morning helped me get a better sense of Boulder beyond the “college town” part I was familiar with. Then a side trip up to Eldora for lunch and to meet the local ski patrol, as no matter where I go, that will remain an important part of my life. They twisted my arm into taking a turn or two with them before I had to drive on and I am glad I did. Not only did I learn more about their area and operations, but I also got pointed in the direction of several local towns and neighborhoods that could offer affordable housing and an easy commute to Boulder.

The afternoon involved a lot more driving through the aforementioned towns and neighborhoods that might provide a new home base while making my way north towards Fort Collins. I made two stops along Boulder Creek to see the natural beauty of the area and was treated to the most amazing moment of the day: seeing an epic beaver dam up close. Boulder is beautiful, no doubt about it!

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