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A Grand Adventure Begins

Beginning Thursday morning*, follow our Grand Canyon journey here: *It has been showing my last location in Yellowstone from several weeks ago, but I promise I’m in Nevada! It should update soon if it hasn’t by the time you read this).

Boarding the plane to Las Vegas, Nevada, it finally hit me that this is happening. The last 1.5 months have been full of the move, work, packing, etc. Suddenly it’s all here. Lugging two enormous checked bags (barely squeezing in at under 50lbs each) made it real.

My flight landed five minutes ahead of my boat-partner, Steve’s, so we were able to connect and battle our collective mountain of baggage out the door and into a taxicab. The poor driver looked nervous as he surveyed the pile of bags, but he was a trooper and got us to the hotel where we would be meeting up with the rest of the group.

Now it’s hurry up and wait time as the others come into town. We are a small group (three boats, five people) and will carpool to the river tomorrow morning (Wednesday). Then it’s rafting time for 14 days and 280 river miles.

Curious about what kind of prep goes into a trip like this? Here’s a few tidbits:

1) Lots of texts and emails to coordinate group gear.

2) Shopping, begging, and borrowing to complete your personal gear. I used this list:

3) Homework! Watching videos and reading up on navigating the bigger rapids. Even the best boaters flip/swim so preparation is important.

4) Prepare for river time. Got questions about how we will cook, camp, play, etc? The series of short videos produced by the National Park Service are super helpful AND mandatory viewing prior to your departure date.

5) Relax and remember that this is going to be fun! Find a way to embrace the chaos and put a personal touch on the adventure. For me, it was a short break from the packing chaos to get my toes river-ready. Hey, it’s nice to be girly before going into beast mode!

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