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An Evening Among the Craters

While every park and natural place seems to bring me joy, one of my all time favorite places is Craters of the Moon. I remember the awe I felt when I first came here with my friend, Sam, in 2016. It feels like you’ve landed on another planet when you step out of your vehicle and feel the crunch of the volcanic stone beneath your feet and begin to take in the arid landscape. It’s a remarkable place, a little off the beaten path, and easy to spend hours upon hours wandering the many paths and seeing how the landscape changes throughout the day.

I arrived a few hours before sunset and set out on North Crater Trail.

A highlight of this trail is getting to walk along the rim of several volcanos.

The trail ends at the Spatter Cones, and rather than walking back the same way, I stuck to the road and made a detour up Inferno Cone. From the top, me and a lone photographer admired the views and watched storms dance across the Lost River Mountains.

I made it back to my car just as the last of the daylight faded behind the mountains. Then it was off to my campsite in Arco for the night. Camping is available at Craters, as well as in the town of Arco 20 minutes away.

There is so much to see in the area, and on this trip I learned that there are backcountry permits available for those who want to go deeper into Craters. I cannot wait to come back for another adventure!

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