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Some updates to the situations mentioned in the previous post.

Family: everyone is doing well, but my parents’ beloved dog Beryl had to be put down several weeks ago and that was a very difficult time. With modern medicine allowing for more comfort and functionality later in life (and in spite of terminal illnesses like cancer), humans and animals alike can appear “well” far longer than they actually are. Beryl confused all of us with some very good days and some very bad ones, but in the end her body was degrading before our eyes and it was only through a lot of medication that she even tried to stand up at times. Her passing was hard on everyone as she has been a constant canine presence in the Vashon house for so long. Being together as family and having my dogs around to fill the void has helped. RIP Beryl.

Beryl in her prime—the way I will always remember her.

Ski Patrol: Training came and went and now we are waiting for snow! In addition to attending my own refreshers, I was asked to help teach a station for a day at Snoqualmie, co-organized and ran the blended refresher for Mt. Rainier Nordic Patrol, and am working with several candidates who will take their final exams this weekend and hopefully become our newest patrol family members.

This will be my fifteenth season as a ski patroller and I am stoked for more!

Thumb: I underwent an outpatient procedure for my thumb the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The pre-op period was nearly three times as long as the operation itself, and I am happy to report that everything went better than expected. Only one incision was needed instead of two, my follow-up appointment was moved to be earlier than anticipated, and as of last night I have the results: yes, the growth was a Giant Cell Tumor (GCT) on the tendon sheath, but no, it was not malignant. With only a <10% reoccurrence rate, I am hopeful to be putting this experience well behind me.

Thank you for being patient with me while I parked myself on Vashon for a few months. There have been plenty of small adventures during this time that I will be catching up on soon, and a lot of amazing things coming that I can’t wait to tell everyone about!

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