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Top Moments from Salt Lake City

We (me and the doggos) spent a week in Salt Lake City, UT. The time was mostly spent in training and at a conference, but in between and after hours, the three of us made sure we could get out and see some of the beautiful things this area has to offer.

Best Work Moment: Walking into the Salt Palace Convention Center and getting to participate in classroom learning with new people from around the country for the first time in nearly two years.

Best Food Moment: a house in the neighborhood with a sign inviting passerby’s to pick their produce, and getting to eat ripe peaches right off the tree.

Best Dog Park: the off-leash paths along City Creek.

Best tourist stop: the Olympic Park in Park City.

Best wildlife sighting: the young moose hanging outside the condos. I wish I had captured the face of the man inside the window watching the giant critter eat his garden.

Best hike: I didn’t get to do many, but on the last evening I met up with Jenn (met her with the Olympia Mountaineers when she lived locally) and she took me up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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